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Company Information

Norsemont Mining, Inc.(CSE: NOM, OTCQB: NRRSF, FWB: LXZ1) is a junior mining company with 100% ownership of the Choquelimpie Gold and Silver Project. Located in the Arica and Parinacota Region of Chile, covering over 5757 Hectares with year-round access.

An Investment in the Future

We believe Norsemont Mining will provide shareholders with great value to their portfolios.

An Experienced Team of Mining Professionals

Norsemont Mining has gathered a highly experienced team of mining professionals with track records of success.

Looking to the Future

We believe gold will remain the preferred hedge against inflation, as it is a is a hard asset with a history as a safe heaven for investors that cannot be hacked.

Our Mission

To provide shareholders with unparalleled value by capitalizing on the significant upside of the Choquelimpe gold and silver project.

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